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how does SEO Work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of structuring code on your website to a format search engines can read quickly. Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, will build engaging content and find other sites to “link” back to your site to build trust and increase your domain’s authority. This means that search engines such as Google & Bing will recognise your website as a trusted source of information, and consequently, your website will rank higher.

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Exclusive Marketing

With NRD’s Exclusive Marketing Agreement, you can rest easy knowing we’re looking after your business. 

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our three tier SEO Packages

Our Packages below include great value for all small to medium businesses.


Suitable for local business wanting to reach their local market


Suitable for local business wanting to reach more than one geographical location


Suitable for business looking for a national footprint

$300 per Calendar month

Set-Up Fee $149.00


Google my business optimisation and competitor analysis. 

$500.00 per calendar Month

Set-Up Fee $199.00


Google my business optimisation, competitor analysis and facebook optimisation

$750.00 per calendar month

Set-Up Fee $249.00


Google my business optimisation, competitor analysis, facebook and instagram optimisation.

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Ask Us SEO

No! All our campaigns are managed in house by our Digital Director.

We check your keywords weekly to ensure they’re performing.

Teir 1 you can expect results  roughly within 3 months. Teir 2 takes a little longer, as your targeting more areas. Teir 3 can vary depending on your industry. SEO is a long term investment. If you’re looking for immediate results we would recommened SEM. 

NRD has a small in house team, which means lower overheads. We also do not outsource to offshore corporations. We have integrated a quality software process that supports our business values. And finally, we believe in Affordability for Business after all small business is the backbone of our community.

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