Hartley's Fresh Market Rebrand


After spending time with the owner of Hartley’s fresh market and being inspired by your modest sense of community. It was clear that this brand needed to have a sense of wholesomeness associated with it, aligning with country values that was inspired by the community spirit of the Northern Rivers. Which was the perfect fit for the Ethics and Passion of designer Leah Ryan. 



Hartley’s new logo has a sense of familiarity without being familiar, which provides trust to the consumer. 


The sun reminds us of fresh days relaxing walks, and the smell of fresh air. The playful Hartley’s typography adds a sense of handmade and rustic fences while reinforcing friendly and freshness. You begin to build your emotion for trust and showcase your passion for freshness. 


We have accompanied this idea with the colour scheme of coastal sunrises and sunsets. It paints a picture of hardworking, fresh produce, a community market atmosphere, and dependable prices. The Hartleys brand was designed with the future vision of the business at the forefront.

"The Sun Rises and Sets with Hartley's"





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